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Oriental Craft

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Бізнесс Стиль життя
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Mr. Abed Al-Azziz Hussein Ezzo and his sons established the “Oriental Craft” company in 1961 in Kalamoon village in the northern of Lebanon, and then Mr. Ghazi Ezzo had the company alone. Thanks to the skills and creations achieved by the company in the last 40 years he became famous in hand-made craft industry, which provided products that complete the machine-made product in its perfection and accuracy.The company achieved all kinds of interior design worldwide.
Some of these designs are:

1. Restaurants:
- Diwan Restaurant in Champs Elisee - France.
- Sindebad Restaurant in Tokyo - Japan.
- Al-Balad Restaurant in the ministry of interior affairs building - Lebanon
- Zad El-Kheir Restaurant in Jounieh - Lebanon… etc.
- Shater Hassan -Tripoli - Lebanon.
- Barbar Fast Food - Beirut

2. Commercial and Economical Centers:
- The oriental section in Harrods shops in Grand Britain.
- A.B.C. goodies - Lebanon.
- Great deal of panels for the famous commercial centers.

3. Personal Pictures:
- President John Kennedy.
- President Elias Al-Hrawi.
- President Emil Lahoud.
- President Tony Franjieh.
- President Slayman Franjieh.
- President Rafik Al-Hariri.
- President Nabieh Berri.
- The ruler family in United Arab Emirates.
- Princess Diana.
- And other several political and economical personalities.

4. Houses and Palaces:
- Houses and palaces in Lebanon, Arabic region, and the world.

5. Badges “Awards and Souvenirs”.
Thus we continue our work under the slogan “Accuracy in production honesty in treatment”.